What is this competition about?

UTH is a case based competition, grounded in the field of Marketing. It requires group members to draw, develop, and share strategies to solve complex business problems. It gives students a chance to showcase their industry knowledge; problem-solving and teamwork capabilities; and decision-making skills. While it may be a competition, do not remove the element of creativity and most importantly enjoy the process!

What’s in it for me?

A chance to:
1. Demonstrate your skills to become future leaders.
2. Get exposure to Brand and Leadership teams at Unilever.
3. An opportunity to solve problems for brands which are larger than life.
4. A chance to participate in Future Leader’s League, held in London.
5. Direct entry into the Unilever Future Leaders Program and Unilever Internship Program’s Discovery Center.

Dynamics of UTH 2017

Who is eligible to participate?

While there is no restriction as to the major or university, groups must ensure that their members are either:

1. 3rd or 4th Year Undergraduate Students.
2. 1st or 2nd year Graduate students

Groups can also be a mix of Graduate and Undergraduate students.

Who do we talk to incase we need help?

Please send a message across on the Unilever Careers – our official page on Facebook. Messaging shall log a query. You may also direct your questions and concerns towards a LEAD Ambassador who shall be able to guide you on the needful.

Registering for UTH 2017

What do I do if the online registration application is not working?

Get in touch with the LEAD Ambassador who will direct you on your query with the concerned people.

Participation Rules!

• Register a team of three under selected brand of your choice • Solve the case study; submit your group proposal (PowerPoint presentation containing not more than 5 slides (5 MB) along with a 1 minute video (15 MB)) elucidating your idea. • If you and your group idea shortlisted, you will receive an activation budget to run on-ground the activation idea and be mentored by the Unilever brands team and the leadership team. • Make a video recording your successes and failures and present a complete business idea in the Semi Final. • Upon selection, present your idea final presentation in the Grand Finale.


Unilever Talent Hunt is linked to the UFLP and ULIP program, automatically only 3rd and 4th year undergraduates and 1st and 2nd year graduate students are eligible to apply. Students from freshmen and sophomore batches can observe this year’s Talent Hunt and participate in future UTHs

How many teams from each university can participate?

There is no limit as to how many teams can participate from university. Teams shall be selected solely on the quality of their idea.

Where do I go to register?

www.unilevertalenthunt.pk and use the register tab.

Team Dynamics for UTH 2017

Can I change teams once I have registered from one team?

No, once registered, team members will not be allowed to switch or replace one another.

Can I be part of more than one team?

No, an individual can only belong to one team at a time.

Can a team exceed the given budget?

No. A fixed budget is allocated.

What do i get for participating in Unilever Talent Hunt?

Each shortlisted team to get a certificate of participation.

Number of registration on first come first serve basis?

No, the number registration is not short listing criteria. First 60 submissions per brand will be further shortlisted for the semi-final.